Friday Poems Archive: 2018 July & August


This is an archive of Friday Poems from July and August of 2018.

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August 31

A fun  haiku I banged out on the typewriter some time ago. Inspired by watching rain fall on the downtown Square here in West Plains.

modern haiku

August 24

In the Ozarks, one of the first signs of summer’s transition to fall is the turning and falling of walnut leaves.

“Blind Swordsman”

August 17

With school back in session, I thought it appropriate to post a poem about one of my inspirational elementary school teachers. I changed his name and took poetic license, but the sentiment rings true. I hope you can relate.  

“Closing Tomorrow”

August 10

This an ode to Taco Hut of West Plains.
For those of us who remember . . . 

“Flight Attendant”

August 3


July 27

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