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"The Undercover Soundtrack." The Undercover Soundtrack with Roz Morris.


"How We Spend Our Days." Catching Days with Cynthia Newberry Martin.


"Writers Talk." Billtown Blue Lit with April Line.





I make poetry films with the purpose of simplicity and beauty, typically set in the lush areas in my surrounding Ozarks. With interspersed audio and music, I craft artistically edited pieces on themes of nature, space, and romantic love—the perfect makeup for the visual venue of film. Cinepoetry has its origins in the early twentieth century with French filmmakers, and though not particularly well-known, the genre has metamorphosed and experienced a resurgence with the boom of digital media. I have made more than twenty poetry films and published six volumes of poetry.


My other major interest is history—indigenous, African-American, and European-American.


I grew up in both Kansas and Missouri. Though college is not for everyone, it was for me. Ottawa University and Indiana State remain close to my heart.